Looking for a fun new job? Morritzz is the place to be. What are we looking for? If you

  • Are an enthousiastic, fun and friendly person
  • Have a drive to work hard
  • Come with a “little” restaurant experience

You are the perfect fit for us!

We are looking for a waiter / waitress

Please call out to us via @morritzz.lahaye on our socials or send us an email at Calling might be quicker than sending a written note so if you wish to contact us by phone you are welcome to call 070-2040147.

Interning at Morritzz

Since 2021 Morritzz has become a place of learning for all levels of MBO. Looking for a fun place to learn and work? Please come by to see if we would be the right fit.

Jobs at Morritzz